CEO Introduction

CEO Introduction


BOOYOUNG LAO BANK has built the best Banking Services.

One of the best banking companies, BOOYOUN LAO BANK CO., LTD

Now leads new and high-class banking services based on its technology, services, and experiences accumulated for 4.5 centuries.

We, BOOYOUNG have been devoted to the domestic home building industry for 20 years to satisfy our society's requirements and achieved a lot of satisfactory results in the home building field.

Thanks to you, the customers, who have always supported us, we are now strengthening our position as a comprehensive construction company.

To thank your faith and love for us, we will start our upgraded high-class golf & resort business with our best construction know-how and technology accumulated until now.

Laos Vientiane BOOYOUNG LAO BANK, completed after undergoing a long preparatory period, is located in Xaysettha District, Vientiane.

Windless and fogless banking services where you feel as if time stood still. You will enjoy this noble banking services with the natural mysteries and atmospheres of the hometown of a million elephants. With advanced operating systems and the best services, BOOYOUNG LAO BANK is being praised as one on the best courses from a lot of golfers.

Dear customers,

We think that it is important for companies to take care of the economic conditions of local communities as well as to make profits.

We will do our best to improve the quality of the tourist industry of Vientiane through our leisure business and contribute to the city's regional economic growth by establishing closer cooperation systems with the local residents.

We have tried to establish educational and cultural facilities in Laos, and now promise you again that we will do our social duties faithfully.

Please give us your continuous interests and supports so that we may grow into a society-friendly company. We are sure that BOOYOUNG LAO BANK will be a nationally and internationally famous banking services.

Thank you.